How Broken People Love

(We’re not broken. We just see ourselves as such)

I stay focused on who I am
to you
because who I am to me
is something I don’t see
I’m invisible
unless I’m shaming or
destroying me

It’s easy to love –
you because you are beautiful
even so, this is where we
you about you,
and me about me

So despite this non-consenting to the views
we hold of each other
I will try not to argue
and yes, to believe
that we are both right
even though you say
only about me.

Jim LaPierre

About Jim LaPierre

Jim LaPierre LCSW CCS is the Executive Director of Higher Ground Services in Brewer, Maine. He is a Recovery Ally, mental health therapist and addictions counselor. He specializes in facilitating recovery (whether from addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety, or past abuse) overcome obstacles, and improve their quality of life. Jim is the cofounder of an online addiction recovery program that is affordable and provides complete anonymity