Governor LePage you’re undeniably a homophobe

I have about as much interest in discussing Governor LePage as an ongoing embarrassment to Maine as I have in knocking down a brick wall with my forehead. I do feel compelled however to point out the obvious that many may overlook:

By calling Representative Drew Gattine a “cocksucker”, you have undeniably exposed yourself as a homophobic man and that cannot be tolerated in any elected leader.

Your silly debate about whether or not you’re a racists just displays your ignorance and social privilege, but your use of that word, sir cannot be debated. There is exactly one reason why that word is used against a man and that is to attack his masculinity by virtue of his sexuality.

There’s no gray area there. Period.

Side note: I’m really weirded out that BDN reported this statement as “c**ksucker” You’re quoting the governor of our state. Censoring the word is silly censorship.

Even in apologizing, you say, ““So I called Gattine and used the worst word I could think of”

Really? You don’t know a better way to attack a man’s character than to cast aspersions against him sexually. How primitive are you, sir?

I know a million better ways. Let’s have coffee and I’ll share them with you.

Jim LaPierre

About Jim LaPierre

Jim LaPierre LCSW CCS is the Executive Director of Higher Ground Services in Brewer, Maine. He is a Recovery Ally, mental health therapist and addictions counselor. He specializes in facilitating recovery (whether from addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety, or past abuse) overcome obstacles, and improve their quality of life. Jim is the cofounder of an online addiction recovery program that is affordable and provides complete anonymity