Stop arguing. Start creating healthier communities

There are certainties that follow every tragedy. They include no small number of Facebook memes and debates that are utterly pointless because they never change anyone’s minds about anything. Side note: The next man who calls me a snowflake is getting hugged publicly. (fair warning) Notable exception: Joe Perry, Bangor City Council announced this on […]

No Verizon: all our thanks is not enough

I’m watching the super bowl and as always, enjoying the ads. I appreciate the spirit behind Verizon’s salute to our first responders. There is, however, an untold story that needs to fully surface and the reasons why the story stays buried need to be explored. Research has increasingly shown off the charts rates of PTSD, […]

The lies of Medicaid expansion as told by LePage

The people of Maine have spoken. Much to our governor’s displeasure, we approved Medicaid expansion. Now our president is facilitating discriminatory policies pertaining to Medicaid eligibility and LePage is excitedly refueling the myth that the uninsured are largely “able-bodied” folks who choose not to seek employment. I marvel anew at that term, Governor. As an […]