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Jim LaPierre LCSW CCS is the Executive Director of Higher Ground Services in Brewer, Maine. He is a Recovery Ally, mental health therapist and addictions counselor. He specializes in facilitating recovery (whether from addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety, or past abuse) overcome obstacles, and improve their quality of life. Jim offers a limited amount of online therapy to those with very flexible schedules.

When You Love with a Broken Heart


There are only two types of people in the world: Us and Them. For those of us who never got to be carefree and innocent, the guiding principle of our lives became: Don’t be like them. I have a huge place in my heart for ill prepared young people who are desperately trying to do […]

I Didn’t Want to Bother You


Facing fear alone is the worst possible approach.  We wouldn’t wish it on anyone we care about but we often choose it for ourselves. It’s self limiting and it leaves us with an intensely empty feeling of loneliness and disconnection. When a person in recovery (addiction and/or trauma) is afraid to do something, our minds […]

Weight Loss, Losing Battles (and how to win them)


I’ve joked for years now that I could give a lot of people I know a great day just by setting their bathroom scales back a couple pounds. The significance we place upon numbers (weight, dress/pant size, chronological age, amount of wages/savings/investments) reflects our tendency to judge ourselves in ways that are very different than […]

Lepage’s Prejudice is an Obstacle to Saving Lives


The goal of any recovery advocate/ally is in part to reduce stigma with regard to addiction. Our governor continues to show a strong desire to shame and discriminate based on nothing but personal opinion: “Naloxone does not truly save lives, it merely extends them until the next overdose.” – Paul LePage Okay, but there is absolutely […]

How LePage and Mayhew are Perpetuating the Opiate Epidemic


Following Governor LePage’s directives, DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew is seeking to eliminate mental health programs statewide – some outright, others through crippling  funding reductions. This is happening at the same time our leaders claim to be developing solutions to Maine’s opiate epidemic. Seeking solutions to our opiate epidemic while decimating mental health services is like […]

How Long Will You Wait?


…for your heart’s longing? I have a lot of thoughts I share only with those closest to me. I’m pretty sure everyone has them, but the only folks I meet who express them are misfits like me. I was entering a local restaurant last night and held the door for a woman who was 90 […]

How to Truly Live


“Look, I did it…and that means you can too!” There’s a bittersweet feeling that comes at the end of a great story.  Reading, “Meet Marie Ludwick:  Squeezing Through Knotholes”, left me wishing that I had known her personally. It is truly remarkable how generously and poignantly she combined her life’s story with the history of […]

“Those People” are My People


I’m doing my best to get rid of the chips that remain on my shoulder. I’m trying to be a loving and effective advocate and not confront political leaders I know to be lying with anger. I find myself mindful of something Jesus (that beautiful hippie who suggested we love on another) said, “”The king […]