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Writing all the Wrongs Sets Us Free

Nearly all of the best people I know are in recovery from something – trauma, addiction, mental illness, and/or a million forms of self destruction. Without exception, I find within each of us an incredible capacity for empathy and a talent we hide from the world. I urge folks to write, draw, paint, sing, and […]

How To Change Your Life

Write down every idea you have about where you’re supposed to be in your life. Do this exhaustively. Are you supposed to be thinner? More loved? More productive? More educated? Describe everything that you feel you should be in great detail. Now, take your writing to a nice quiet place outdoors and set fire to […]

Middle Aged, Single & The Fear of Ending Up Alone

I remain a huge fan of Karen Foley’s writing. In her latest piece she urges middle aged women to transcend the societal norm of feeling/believing that they are invisible to men. Karen makes a compelling case that continued growth is paramount to overcoming fears and insecurities. Part of that growth is embracing what good men […]

5 Simple Strategies for Overcoming Panic Attacks

People often confuse heightened moments of anxiety with panic attacks. A panic attack lasts between 5-15 minutes and it includes physical symptoms that strongly resemble a heart attack. We typically see numbness in the arms, a feeling of having a heavy weight on ones chest, difficulty breathing, and pronounced body pain. 1. The most important […]

Learning to Walk Again

“(I’m) getting good at starting over” – Foo Fighters “Walk” I’m coming up on one year since I was hospitalized and unless it’s for somebody else’s benefit, I don’t care to talk about it much. I know better than that. Experience has taught me that not wanting to is a sure sign of needing to. […]

Two Steps to Overcoming Anxiety

I’ve been reading a lot of personal stories lately about what it’s like to live with anxiety. What’s striking to me is that we refer to it generically, when in fact, there are many different manifestations of anxiety. Categorically, the most common include Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Panic Disorder (PD) (with […]

Alcohol Awareness in a Sound Byte Culture

Every April since 1987, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence promotes awareness of alcohol abuse and addiction by organizing local and national events for “National Alcohol Awareness Month.” I’m a bit embarrassed to have just learned of this (I’ve been an addictions counselor for many years). It seems a likely indicator of their […]

Governor LePage is Weak On Drug Policies

Last week Governor LePage told reporters that the current legislature is “weak on drugs.” His plans to increase spending on law enforcement is designed to reduce the availability of illegal drugs in Maine. That not every citizen of Maine is outraged by his proposal is a testament to our collective apathy. Regardless of your position […]