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The Best Way to Face Fear

The most dangerous pitfall in any form of recovery is becoming trapped inside our own minds. Not only do we have an uncanny ability to get in our own way, we also at times succumb to the idea that the same mind that created a problem (that may or may not actually exist) will be […]

The Best a Man Can Be

I’ve never liked calling it “Father’s Day.” I’d rather say, “Happy Dad’s Day.” Everyone has a father. Only the lucky ones get to have a “dad.” Whether your children are biological, adopted, kin, or otherwise claimed, if they’re proud to call you dad, then you’re exactly what the world needs more of. More than anything […]

The Quickest Way to Improve Your Mental Health

Living with the belief that we are not “good enough” the single greatest deterrent to good mental health It’s something millions of us learned as children. We internalized a sense of self based on what we were told and how we were treated. We accepted these without questioning, without a filter, without critical thinking skills […]

The Answer to Every Social Problem

The answers are in our neighborhoods, our towns, our churches, our civic organizations and our community centers. Before you think me Polly Anna, read on: I haven’t known neighbors since I was a kid. I’ve always viewed that as something we collectively and tragically lost along the way. For the past year, the familiar strangers […]

Why I Hate it when You Drink

She’s a great friend. She’s one of the smartest, most talented, and loving people I know… …and I don’t ever want to be around her again when she drinks. Lots of folks struggle to address this issue with friends and family. So what follows is what I shared with her: With your permission, I am […]

Binging, Purging & Untold Stories

Surviving traumatic events is common amongst folks who live with eating disorders. Whether a person who lives with anorexia or bulimia meets criteria for PTSD or not, there’s an excellent chance they have gone through overwhelmingly painful and terrifying experiences that in a very real sense are never truly over. The National Eating Disorders Association […]

Recovering For Our Kids Sake

Parenting is the most difficult, important, and honorable job a person can take on. With great intentions, we screw up even on our best days. Living with addiction, depression, anxiety or other illnesses can make an already hard job unmanageable. We know the adage that ultimately, recovery is something we must do for ourselves. I […]

Writing all the Wrongs Sets Us Free

Nearly all of the best people I know are in recovery from something – trauma, addiction, mental illness, and/or a million forms of self destruction. Without exception, I find within each of us an incredible capacity for empathy and a talent we hide from the world. I urge folks to write, draw, paint, sing, and […]

How To Change Your Life

Write down every idea you have about where you’re supposed to be in your life. Do this exhaustively. Are you supposed to be thinner? More loved? More productive? More educated? Describe everything that you feel you should be in great detail. Now, take your writing to a nice quiet place outdoors and set fire to […]