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When You’re Afraid to Go to Sleep

It used to surprise me how many of the trauma survivors I serve enjoy horror movies. It took me a long time to get it. Unlike the imagery in your head, you can make the movie stop anytime you want. She talks about Nightmare On Elm Street and tells me she’s like the girl who […]

Life’s a Drag (Show)

In what is quickly becoming an annual ritual for me, I attended last night’s March Dragness show at Hollywood Casino. Not only was this year’s show bigger and better than last years – it’s clear that these ladies are going to need a bigger venue next year. The house was packed beyond SRO and the […]

When You Find Yourself Up a Tree (again): Don’t Panic

Douglas Adams wrote the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. On the cover of the guide were written two words that constitute the best advice ever: Don’t Panic. That’s not only wisdom, it’s f@cking solid. Panicking makes everything worse. It’s not like anyone just loses their shit by choice. It’s the cumulative impact of having stuffed […]

Let’s Move Past Being Dysfunctional, Codependent, and Neurotic

Labeling something doesn’t help us understand or overcome. We’ve tossed the words “dysfunctional”, “codependent” and “neurotic” around so much they’ve lost all significance. We see these as commonplace, which undermines any intention or willingness to change.We’ve forgotten why the Simpsons, South Park and Family Guy are so funny – they aren’t parodies. They’re accurate reflections […]

Learning How to be Cool

In my office hangs a sign that reads, “Wanna make the world a better place? Treat every person you meet like they’re the coolest person ever.” It’s the common denominator – everyone wants to be cool. Too many of us are stuck in the false belief that we’re not enough. When we see ourselves as […]