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Art, Healing, and Happiness

The dirty little secret about mental health is that we’re making most of this stuff up as we go along. There is important science and research that seeks to heal those impacted by organic illnesses, developmental disorders and neurological conditions. These are primarily conditions people are born with that are objectively understood. Most of mental […]

Fake People

“People walk around they don’t know what they’re doing They been lost so long they don’t know what they’ve been looking for Well, I know what I’m a looking for but I just can’t find it I guess I gotta look inside of myself some more.” – Donovan “Riki Tiki Tavi” She’s an amazing young […]

Do The Work

Do the Work I get a text message – don’t know the number and there’s no name. All it says is, “please, please call me.” The thought process seems to be that if they know me and my number surely I must know them and theirs.  I dial the number and offend the person who […]

Where do we stand?

Where do we stand? I like stability. It gives me a sense of safety and well being. Having a solid foundation in my life reduces my stress and makes it easier to grow, heal, and learn. I met with a man recently who told me that every time he trusts someone he ends up, “having […]

Where We Find Ourselves

· “You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?” – Talking Heads “Once in a Lifetime” There are places we find ourselves. We didn’t intend to go there. We caught out reflection in the glass section of the door frame and realized, “yeah, I guess this is where I’m going.” Whether it’s an […]

Refrigerator Therapy

She’s explaining her recovery in the way a scientist would describe a physics experiment. Everything is cause and effect. She is beyond frustrated because none of the changes she’s made resulted in feeling better. I point out to her that every change she has made is external and suggest that what she needs to change […]