How to be Self Aware & Mindful

I start off every therapy session by asking a simple question that’s hard to answer: How are you? Until they get into a routine with me, folks usually answer without considering: I’m fine. Good. Okay. There’s a clinical term, “Affect incongruent with stated mood.” It means that how you say you’re doing doesn’t match up […]

Why & How I Don’t Drink

The only thing more remarkable to me than having to explain why I don’t drink alcohol is having folks incredulously ask me how I manage not to? Socially it’s not just celebrated, it’s expected. The short answer is that the more secure I am within myself, the less I do things I don’t truly want […]

Just Believe that I Believe

The lessons that were taught to us were not the truth. The truth about us is what good people see when they look into our eyes (this requires we look up from the floor). The truth is that kindred spirits recognize one another and while we may not know the truth about ourselves, it is […]

How to Let Our Walls Down & Why We Must

We are born defenseless and learn to deal with pain. Kids in healthy families are protected and given effective coping skills. The rest of us learned to hide our true selves, our real feelings, our hopes and dreams. We pretend we’re ok. Some of us barely pull it off but most of us are brilliant […]

Anger Management: When You’re Afraid to be Angry

Many of us were taught unhealthy beliefs and attitudes about anger. It’s a healthy emotion, but we tend to treat it as though it’s inherently unmanageable. This explains why we have so many anger management programs. The greatest downfall of which are that they are generally developed only for those who are explosive or otherwise […]

How to Medically Improve Addiction Treatment

We expect that all health conditions be continuously evaluated by our health care providers. No responsible healer would ever assume that a chronic cardiac condition, diabetes or even asthma is in check. Monitoring and identifying change ensures healthy maintenance and constitutes best practice. In the case of alcohol and drug addiction however, this practice is […]

R.I.P. Robin Williams

The world lost a genius today. We may never know whether it was his mental illness or addictions that claimed him. Either way I hate to see those conditions/disease take a life. The truth is, I’m selfish. I want more movies and more stand up. I am not sad for him or truth to tell, […]