Maine’s Best Weapon Against Drug Abuse is COMMUNITY

Jackie Farwell’s recent article thoroughly explains why prescription monitoring efforts are worthwhile. This strategy prevents substance abusers and addicts from having their destruction systemically enabled. In a small number of cases, it leads to the unveiling of addiction and in an even smaller percentage of cases, to engaging in treatment. More often what results is […]

Resisting the Urge to Use

The compulsion an addict experiences to use is stronger than any other urge a human being can endure. The inhibitions of logic and reason get stripped away. In these overwhelming moments, loyalties and love are temporarily lost. Resistance leads rapidly to withdrawal – a uniquely horrible set of symptoms. If you’ve never experienced it, you […]

Phantom Pain Comes in Many Forms

As a therapist and in my personal relationships, I’ve heard many accounts of phantom pain. I recently became an amputee (it feels so weird for me to claim this title) and have experienced it. It is unique from anything I’ve ever felt or sensed. It feels like my mind and body betraying me. The problem […]

Resisting Change as We Age

For most of us, rigidity increases with age. We find ourselves increasingly resistant to change and bemoan the necessity of adjusting to life circumstances. Our lack of willingness makes it easy to get stuck along the way. All that is required is a lack of acceptance of how things are. The subtle and seductive invitation […]

Out of the Hospital and into the Fire

I kept hearing Humble Pie’s “Thirty Days in the Hole” playing in my head every time I counted the time I’d been hospitalized. Thank God I didn’t know what I was in for when I landed there. I just got through one day at a time – some rougher than others. All told it was […]

Healing is Hard Work

I’ve received enthusiastic praise from countless medical staff this morning. They’re excited that I am out of bed, bathed, and pushing myself around in a wheel chair. They tell me how much better my color is when I am vertical. These folks are consistently excited as I persevere through each procedure, treatment, and surgery. As […]

The View from my Hospital Bed

On top of everything else that’s hard to do from a hospital bed, typing is no picnic. It’s become both increasingly important and difficult for me to blog. I need to write out how I feel, examine my own perspective, and to simply make sense of my life and how I’m dealing with it. Lately […]

Dragging Out of Our Annual Outrage for Memorial Day

Ok. I need a reality check. Are we as a society somehow unaware of whether the Veteran’s Administration is grossly failing our vets? Really? F@cking really? There aren’t decade’s worth of sociological and psychological studies that prove this? (And half a dozen other disciplines)? There aren’t countless documented case studies? There aren’t statistics like 22 […]