Did I Just Say that Out Loud?

My friend Karen Foley (and you should read everything she writes including her grocery lists) accurately described me recently as a person who loves random encounters. She’s spot on. I like it when things get weird. I try to live by Daughtry’s words, “All that I’m after is a life full of laughter…” There are […]

Blogging & Baring Your Soul

The Universe has a great sense of humor. Facebook is currently offering a cheesy app that allows users to highlight moments of 2014. I tried it out and found that once I got into it, I could not find my way out. Everything froze up. Examining the past does that to a lot of us. […]

The Two Most Beautiful Words I’ve Ever Heard

Latest Facebook meme that makes me wanna hit my head against a wall: “I keep it all inside because I’d rather the pain destroy me than everyone else.” I hate shit like this because it glorifies doing something incredibly unhealthy. It’s like saying, “Hells yes, I want to ensure ongoing depression and anxiety. Furthermore, I’d […]

Listening to the Disease of Addiction

Folks in recovery from addiction sometimes personify their disease. We make reference to what it tells us and describe how it wants us to see things or act upon them. It’s useful to conceptualize addiction this way because while the disease remains within us, it is not a part of the person we are becoming. […]

Alcoholism & Diabetes

The prevalence of diabetes amongst recovering alcoholics is remarkably high. It’s humbling to realize how much damage we didn’t even realize we were doing. For most of us, the amount of sugar in the alcohol we were ingesting was the furthest thing from our thoughts. In the throes of early recovery, we don’t overly discourage […]

Recovery: Surrender to Win

I talk with folks all the time who conceptualize recovery as an ongoing battle. Depending on your perspective it may sound sexy to be in a fight for your life every day. To me it just sounds exhausting. Those I’ve known with the most success say, “Surrender to win.” Recovery is a progression of letting […]

Just For Today I Don’t Have to Drink

A dear friend of mine has been an addictions counselor for decades. She shared a story with me about a particularly difficult case involving a man who was quickly approaching late stage alcoholism. Nothing seemed to work for him. Detoxes, rehabs, IOPs and every established intervention professionals used had been of little value. He came […]