If you say it out loud, it’s real


In his memoir on early recovery, Augusten Burroughs shares an insight that you have to be a little F’ed up to understand. He describes the attempts of two men in AA to befriend him. They see that he’s a mess and ask, “Hey, do you wanna talk about it?” Augusten responds, “No. I don’t want […]

Sober living for women in Brewer


The best resources are usually the ones that nobody tells you about. If you’re a woman in recovery, you should know about Holyoke Haven for Women. It’s one of the greatest investments made in our community in years and it is currently accepting new applicants. Holyoke is a sober living home. They provide a safe and […]

Narcan and the value of a human life

Nick McCrea has a great story in today’s BDN that highlights some of what’s working in our communities to combat addiction. Bangor PD deserves huge kudos for getting trained in the administration of Narcan. Two lives were saved this past weekend because our first responders have been given access to this important medication. In my […]

The best $11 you’ll ever spend: Young People in Recovery


I’m a huge fan of Young People in Recovery (YPR). These amazing folks seek to facilitate recovery of adolescents and young adults through a working model of Advocacy & Action. Specifically, YPR works to increase opportunities in employment, housing, education, and other recovery related resources. YPR is growing nationwide through local/regional chapters. Young people and […]