Insecure men and the fear of powerful women


Roxanne Jones writes an excellent blog, Boomer Haiku. In her most recent post, she discusses some research that conflicts in particularly unfortunate ways. She shares the claims of Lawrence Whalley an expert on mental health who claims, “marrying an intelligent woman helps protect a man from dementia.” That seems like common sense to me. A […]

Blasphemy, profanity, and spiritual growth


I think that when people consider what spiritual growth looks like that they picture something beautiful and serene. Maybe they imagine being out in nature, having powerful epiphanies, and feeling super connected to something more powerful than themselves. I know people who do that and feel that. That’s cool. It’s just not me. There’s bugs […]

Addiction and inappropriate language


“I am whatever you say I am.” – Eminem Everyone loves a feel good story. When I saw yesterday’s BDN headline, “Maine law grad, drug felon takes Texas job with treatment group.” I clicked to read the good news. As often happens, the caption of the story differed from the headline: It read, “Maine law […]

She changed my mind on Methadone and perhaps yours too


Methadone is arguably the most controversial form of addiction treatment. Why should we support it? For the same reasons we support the use and availability of insulin, nitroglycerin, cholesterol and blood pressure medications. They treat diseases. How open minded are we? When it comes to addiction, addiction treatments, and addiction recovery, a lot of us, […]

If you say it out loud, it’s real


In his memoir on early recovery, Augusten Burroughs shares an insight that you have to be a little F’ed up to understand. He describes the attempts of two men in AA to befriend him. They see that he’s a mess and ask, “Hey, do you wanna talk about it?” Augusten responds, “No. I don’t want […]

Sober living for women in Brewer


The best resources are usually the ones that nobody tells you about. If you’re a woman in recovery, you should know about Holyoke Haven for Women. It’s one of the greatest investments made in our community in years and it is currently accepting new applicants. Holyoke is a sober living home. They provide a safe and […]