Somatic pain: is it all in your head?

Gabor Mate is an expert on overcoming the long-term effects of trauma. I recently came across a quote of his that explains the intersection between emotional and physical illness brilliantly: When you shut down emotion, you’re also affecting your immune system, your nervous system. So, the repression of emotion, which is a survival strategy, then […]

Release is vital to recovery

Anxiety is something nearly everyone struggles with in addiction recovery. Seeing the wreckage our lives became is enough to cause anxiety. In truth, most of us lived with it long before we took the first drink or drug. “What we lived with, we learned. What we learned, we became.” Growing up afraid means learning self-control […]

Ok Bangor, this is how we reduce addiction

I have a compelling story and urgent opportunities for you. Please indulge me: I’ve learned that no one is in recovery from just one thing. Folks in recovery from addiction are also in recovery from trauma. Folks recovering from eating disorders or self-harm are also in recovery from mental illness. I want to tell you […]

Is it ok to hate perpetrators?

To those who abuse, assault, and otherwise, harm for personal gain or pleasure, I’m thinking about you today because I am tired. It’s a good kind of tired. I’ve been busy serving your children, your former partners, those you bullied. Helping them fix themselves and grieve I’ve been doing it for a long time. This […]