‘Tis the Season to get Sober

My phone rings off the hook the week after New Years. Some will be folks who have taken stock of their lives and decided they need a fresh start. Others will be folks who are simply tired of listening to their loved ones complain about their drinking. Either way I’ll ask, “What are you willing […]

5 Ways to Stop Hating the Holidays


I checked in with a good friend recently who happens to be a therapist. She sighed and reminded me, “Oh, you know, it’s the holiday season in mental health…When you serve people in recovery, you get used to hearing from folks how much they truly hate the holidays. This is the time of year people […]

What about the Families of those in Active Addiction?


If you love someone who is active in addiction; you are richly deserving of support. The intensity of the powerlessness we experience is overwhelming. The physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and financial toll on us is too often experienced in isolation. This has to change. While legislators are declaring that Maine has a “drug crisis” (it […]

How to Let Go, Lighten Up & Laugh a Lot

I rarely do this but this morning I lied to myself. I thought, “I’m just going to lay here for another minute.” I woke up 40 minute later and had a moment of being furious with myself. Seconds later, I experienced a wonderful epiphany: “Oh wait – it doesn’t matter.” Skipped the shower. Got out […]

Medical Marijuana & Addiction Recovery

One of the downsides of being a clinician is that people will often relate to you as an expert on morality. They will ask, “Is it ok if I…” or “Is it wrong of me to…” I think of Rumi, ““Beyond our ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” […]