When you’re afraid to reach out


No person has ever entered a substance abuse counselor’s office for the first time feeling good about themselves. Nor has anyone stepped into their first AA or NA meeting without feeling afraid, ashamed, and broken. I hear the words of my dear friend Ardis White each time I encounter such a person: “You’ve got to […]

How to be successful


I’ve learned that the very best way to get people to understand me is to first prove to them that I get what they’re saying. The most effective way to do this is by reflecting what they’re feeling/wanting/needing. The same approach works with making your dreams come true. Take an interest in the dreams of […]

Who is the enemy in the war on drugs?


Today’s blog is a guest appearance by Ross Hicks, harm reduction coordinator for Health Equity Alliance: When politicians invoke the “War on Drugs” in response to current issues with opioids, I wonder what they mean by “war.” Who exactly are they fighting and with what arms? War implies an enemy. For 40 years politicians have […]