HOPE: Helping Other Parents Endure

Two of my biggest local heroes are Shelly & Dave Yankowsky. You’ve likely seen them in the news at some point. They’ve become two of the very best addiction recovery allies in Maine. I hope that’s how you’ll come to think of them. I know to a lot of folks they’re the couple who lost […]

How to stay sober when everything sucks

We’ve all seen the meme, “Recovery is truly one of the most badass things a human being can do.” Nothing could be more true. Recovery has many paths – harm reduction, getting healthier, ideally, getting sober. And that’s just the beginning. We face the challenges of staying sober, changing ourselves, our lifestyles and ultimately, our […]

APA defines traditional masculinity as harmful

The American Psychological Association recently released a report in which, fifty years behind schedule, it explains that many aspects of what we’ve traditionally defined as masculinity are “harmful.” My professional response to that was a very eloquent, “Well, duh…” Traditional aspects of masculinity include strength, assertiveness, independence and courage. My wife embodies those qualities and […]