Everything you ever really needed to know

I have a love/hate relationship with the medical drama, Code Black. I love it for its unflinching and realistic view of people overcoming various forms of emotional trauma. I hate it because nearly every episode leaves me in tears. The writers have a knack for development that shows you every broken/missing piece of your favorite […]

Stop being overwhelmed and get involved

As a clinician and recovery coach, one of the greatest inspirations I draw from is the resilience embodied by those I serve. Despite unimaginable suffering, folks carry on, overcome, and eventually flourish. I never cease to be amazed. Supporting addiction recovery requires baring witness to suffering, past and present. I have never become desensitized to […]

Effective responses to an epidemic

For over ten years now politicians have been talking about addiction as though it were a new condition that no one knows how to respond to. The hand wringing, and perpetual committee meetings need to end. It’s time for common sense solutions: Follow Maslow’s hierarchy: For people to not die, we have to get basic […]

How to call someone out in addiction

Conflict and confrontation are things most people seek to avoid. Folks tend to walk on eggshells even when they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. It’s exhausting and a recipe for burn out through accumulating resentments. I have nothing but love for my brothers and sisters in active addiction and yet […]

Research shows online addiction treatment highly effective

A recent study released in the American Journal of Psychiatry suggests that online treatment for addiction may be even more effective than face to face treatment. According to the author of the study, the program is beneficial because “… it concentrate(s) on teaching new skills in an engaging way,” The abilities to engage and teach […]