Why does DHHS undermine addiction treatment?

In the midst of an opioid epidemic, the Maine Department of Health & Human Services has “restructured” payments to residential addiction recovery programs in Maine. Language like that offends me. It’s like when a corporation wants to increase profits by putting people out of jobs and so it “down sizes.” Recovery ally, Erin Rhoda of […]

Are we still at 22 a day?

I remember the earliest days of the internet. In those days, if you didn’t phrase your search terms just right, you couldn’t find anything worthwhile. Things haven’t changed all that much. When I started this blog for Memorial Day, I asked Google, “Are we still losing 22 veterans a day?” Google very quickly informed me […]

Why your mental health may be misdiagnosed

I get frequent reminders that most doctors and nurse practitioners have little or no training in substance abuse and addictions. Consequently, there are two conversations I have on nearly a daily basis: No, chances are, you don’t live with Bi Polar Disorder (BPD) It’s a grossly over diagnosed condition because it shares symptoms with a […]

How do I overcome depression?

Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield released new data recently that shows surging rates of depression across all age groups. Specifically, it showed a huge uptick in rates of Major Depressive Disorder from 2013 to 2016. The problem with research is that by the time it’s collected, organized, and presented, it’s often two years later. It’s important […]