How to stop over thinking

Procrastination is fear. Avoidance is fear. Overthinking, intellectualization, and excessive analysis are fear. Why is fear the driving force behind so many of our struggles? Well, hiding, numbing, and running from our emotions is the main reason most of us started using in the first place. Fear is the most basic and instinctual of all […]

Harm reduction, saving lives, and breaking laws

I was talking with a friend about bringing more attention and removing systemic barriers to addiction recovery. He was considering getting himself arrested as a political statement. I found myself thinking that I wouldn’t mind getting arrested if it would help the cause. But not all my friends and I agree on what the cause […]

Relationships in Recovery

  While there are hundreds of different types, when folks in recovery discuss “relationships”, we’re exclusively referencing the romantic kind. We tend to approach them the way someone who has just crawled across the desert approaches water. No subtlety, no grace, just an incredible, insatiable thirst for something we long for. Something that most of […]

HOPE: Helping Other Parents Endure

Two of my biggest local heroes are Shelly & Dave Yankowsky. You’ve likely seen them in the news at some point. They’ve become two of the very best addiction recovery allies in Maine. I hope that’s how you’ll come to think of them. I know to a lot of folks they’re the couple who lost […]